After fantastic two months of traveling through the USA and East Europe I start reflecting of what i´ve seen and create with hot enamel-art, photography and with a bunch of drafts i ´ve made during my journey. Deep in my heart i feel very blessed because of all the amazing places i saw and the mind opened people i met.

The people from Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Rumania and US-America gave me freedom at the end of the day. Thank you so much for believing in your dreams, for your faith in human potential! I´m impressed and inspired by your joy, the sense of humor and your great self motivation!

Now, back in my studio i use bold color, many layers of paint and other forms of mixed media to symbolically reflect back the many layers of my experiences. Artisticly I´dont know exactly what´s coming up next. But what i´ve learned is, that it´s very joyful to never look back at a certain point of life.

Here is a draft of „I met the Kokopelli in Tecopa“, a first step of my work at the „ANEWNOW in Nevada“ Series. I hope you enjoy! Have a lovely day!

Met Kokopelli the Tecopa_Isabella S.Minichmair
„I met the Kokopelli at Tecopa“ ANEWNOW in Nevada Series 2017