I´m always looking for colour, textur and spatiality
to invastigate and convey information, emotion and enviroment.

Isabella S. Minichmair *1971

PhD Study at University of Art and Design in Linz/Austria with Thomas Macho; Fine Art studies at the University of Art and Design in Linz; Research fellowship, Art University Linz; Artist in Residency: Egon Schiele Art Centrum Český Krumlov/Czech Republic and „Schlossmalerin“ at Castle Weinberg/Austria; International enamel art symposium in Kecskemét/Hungary; Photography Award of Hoepfner Foundation Karlsruhe/Germany; Board member of the Photographic Society Upper Austria and several years management of ooe-fotogalerie ImOÖKulturquartier/Linz/Austria; Member of the artist group COBALT; Co-founder of „Schule des Sehens“, AVK – OÖ Volksbildungswerk; Natura 2000 – Waldaist-Narrn Europe reserve Photo Project, Castle Museum Reichenstein/Austria; Works in public and private ownership; Study visits and exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, UK, USA, Hungary and Brazil

Represented by AGORA Gallery New York www.agora-gallery.com
Vertreten durch Galerie Kontur, Vienna – www.galeriekontur.at
Galerie Neunzendorf, Ried i.Tr./ AT – www.neunzendorf.at
OOE-Fotogalerie im OOE Kulturquartier, Linz- www.fotografische.at

Mitglied der IG Bildenden Kunst Mitglied der Fotografischen Gesellschaft Oberösterreich

Exhibitions: Collective Exhibition of Hot Enamel Art, Kapolna Galerie, Kecskemet, Hungary | Collective Exhibition, Agora Gallery New York/ USA | Streetartproject UKRADENa Galerie, Krumau/ CZ | ERINNERUNGSRÄUME, Bildungshaus Schloss Puchberg bei Wels/ AT | Malerei und Grafik, Galerie KONTUR, Vienna/ AT | Zeichenzeit (Isabella S.Minichmair&4youreye) – Sound: Frame, Künstlerhaus Vienna/ AT | Etwas entwickeln, IHK Karlsruhe/ D | Farbklangformen, KOBALT (Isabella S. Minichmair, Karin Zorn, Rosa Heger, Gabriele Dangl), Galerie der Moderne – Stift Seitenstetten/ AT | Kunstmesse Innsbruck, AT | LAMAT (Isabella S. Minichmair&Florian Keindl), Contact Europe III, Berlin, D | Contact Europe II, Cselleymühle, Oslip, AT | Das Farbenklavier/ ooe-fotogalerie – Im OÖ- Kulturquartier Linz/ AT | Malerei und Fotografie, Galerie NeunZenDorf, Ried im Tr./ AT | Innerschau (Isabella S. Minichmair, Hannelore Rauter, Elfi Koplinger), Schloß Ennsegg, Enns/ AT | 3durch10, Galerie 44er-Haus, Leonding/ AT | Malerei und Grafik, Galeriemuseum Treffen/ AT | ELEMENTarT, LAMAT, OÖ-Fotogalerie, Landeskulturzentrum Ursulinenhof, Linz/AT | In die Dinge gehen I, Galerie La Papessa, Wien AT | KOBALT (Isabella S. Minichmair, Karin Zorn, Rosa Heger, Gabriele Dangl) Studio Heimo Kuchling, Wien, AT | FÜNF POSITIONEN, Stift Kremsmünster/AT | JSEM, Kepleruniversität Linz/AT;


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Two Sleepy Lizards Boiling a Billy – About the Methodology of Spurensicherung, Dissertation

Artist Statement Agora-Gallery.com | Chelsea, New York about „Summer Haze Series“ 2016

The trees and houses in my paintings epitomize people and their relationships. Sometimes, the houses are constricted in one area as a close unit and other times they lie softly embedded in the landscape. The trees dance, bow, intertwine or stand close together. The light on the branches symbolizes the emotional dialogue between the protagonists. My starting point for any painting is the “magic clearance” between the clarity of a limited image space and the transparency and dynamic of color. I believe the observer and the artist meet in this space on a very personal level. This is where the observer realises that it isn’t about what they know, but what they are willing to recognize.

Short CV:

Born in Kirchdorf an der Krems, Austria, Isabella S. Minichmair studied Fine Art at the University of Art and Design in Linz, later earning a PhD in Philosophy of Art and Cultural History from the same institution. Her „Summer Haze“ Series, centering on trees and the natural world, are patched together with a rustic palette blending cool and warm colors into a unified whole. “The trees in my pictures stand in a subtle way for people and their relationships,” Minichmair says. “The light on the branches symbolizes the emotions and feelings that prevail between the protagonists.”

Minichmair’s interest in light came from long walks with her father, whose camera became, unfailingly, the third member of their party. Handing it over, Minichmair’s father would instruct her to gaze through the viewfinder. He would say, “Pay particular attention to the light.” She always has. Travels with her mother brought her closer to the Austrian art treasures. Old churches and castles, frescos, paintings and tapestries influenced Minichmair’s view of light sustainably. Today, she also designs glass windows to bring new light into old churches. Minichmair wants her work to express both the obstacles and joy of life, which she describes as a gift. “We need courage,” she says, “to make it come alive.”

Isabella S. Minichmair works from her studio in Waldneukirchen, Austria.